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Foreclosures Continue To Decrease Nationwide

Foreclosure Graph 4.13.17

The good news is for all types of delinquencies—from early stage to seriously delinquent—the numbers are trending downward, reaching a national average of 5.3% of homeowners who are currently late in paying their mortgage. The even better news is that the number of people in early stage delinquency (defined as transitioning from being current on their mortgage to being thirty days late) has reached a fifteen year low of 2.1%.

CoreLogic released the latest numbers for January 2017 and found that foreclosures and all the signs that suggest a home may be in danger of foreclosure are still on the wane throughout the country. Nationally, the highest rate, at 9.4%, was in Mississippi and the lowest was in North Dakota, at 2.1%. The geography shifts, however, when you look at the rates of homeowners that are 30 days or more past due. The highest rate for those homes is in Miami (9%) and the lowest was in San Francisco (1.3%).

Jess Dungan

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